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I just got an email this morning saying that they are doing the Socks that Rock Mill End mystery bags this weekend. This, much like the Wollmeise “We’re different” yarns, is a really great way to get some Socks that Rock to play with for a more affordable price. You don’t get to choose the colors but honestly this is kinda a good way to develop a stash that isn’t just in your colors (in my case, this usually means blues, greens and reds).  It makes them good to go to for presents:-)

If you want to be notified of sales and knitalongs and the like from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, they do a good (and not obnoxiously often) email list.  It’s the best way to find out about these things early.

Have fun!

4 thoughts on “Because I love you all so…

  1. If only the shipping wouldn’t be so neckbreaking and my stash so freaking large…..

    1. hortihoney says:

      I totally understand. I’m the same way about a lot of my favorite indie dyers in Europe. Sigh… you always want what you can’t have easily…..

  2. Allison says:

    Do you know why the shipping has to be so insanely expensive? I love the yarn but I refuse to pay $11.95 shipping on a $32 order. I don’t need to have my yarn in 2-3 days…

  3. hortihoney says:

    I think that part of it is that shipping has gotten insanely expensive. Makes sense given that a lot of the cost of shipping things is gas. Last time I went to send two small packages to Europe, they cost over $75 to send. A lot of retailers just eat the shipping costs and add it to the price of their stuff. Also, I know a lot (a lot a lot) of retailers are only sending things tracked now because of high losses. It totally sucks, I agree, and I do wish that they had a more economical way to ship things. The only thing I can think of is to maybe find some other people local to you that would place an order and share the shipping… That, and make sure that you share your feelings with the company.

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