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Those that follow me on instagram know that I had an unexpected lamb arrive in early March.  She was born to a pair of Jacob sheep that I was given from a neighbor.  The ram has been wethered but I guess that he managed to sneak one in before Christmas because, ta-da!  Lamb in early March.  Her name is Lisa and because her parents names are Marge and Homer (if you could hear Homers bah’s, you would understand how he received that moniker).  This is little Lisa:


My Shetland flock was set to start lambing, well, yesterday.  And they did.  Miss Katniss, the second lamb ever born in my flock, gave birth to a perfect little ewe and ram combo.


I was nervous about this year as I have a bunch of first-timers giving birth and they are all ones born on my farm.  However, Miss Katniss knew what she was doing and took to motherhood quite easily.

Here’s hoping that the rest of lambing goes as well!

One thought on “First (planned) lambs

  1. says:

    How exciting to see Lisa after all our conversations. What a cutie! Loved receiving this post.

    Realized today I neglected to give you egg cartons….👀


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