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Over the weekend, four more lambs were born.  First it was twins from Fanny with a ewe/ram pair that were both white!  Yay!  The little ram is spotted and the ewe is almost entirely white.


I had been a little disappointed by the fact that all my girls had been, up to this point, born dark colored.  I know that some of them will lighten-up considerably, and several have already started, but I did want a few white girls to add to the flock this year.

So imagine my surprise when Miss Charlotte went and had another little white ewe lamb shortly thereafter!


Miss Rosie was next that evening having a darling little ram lamb under the chicken coop.  I didn’t get to introduce myself to him for a while as his mama was keeping him cooped-up under the coop.  IMG_1194 2

The weekend was a little cold and rainy for the most part.  However, that didn’t stop the bees from getting out and hustling.


The lambs played a lot.  Pretty much massive run-arounds with twenty or so lambs tearing around the field like an ardorable, bah-ing,  moto-cross race.  After the running around, they are tuckered-out.IMG_2760


This little guy is actually dreaming about nursing as I took this.  His little lips kept sucking like he was getting dinner from mama.


There are little cuties everywhere you look….




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