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Nearly done.  I have one last lady, Charlotte, to lamb still and then lambing 2018 is in the books.  On Monday, my smallest ewe Eva gave birth to a healthy little ram lamb.  He was a little surprising, despite the tendency for rams to be white this year.


As his mama is all black…IMG_7928

Still, his birth took a lot of stress out of my life as I was really very concerned about her ability to birth a lamb.  I needn’t have worried as she did just fine on her own and is an excellent mother to the little guy.

Nadia, one of my older ewes, gave birth to a lovely little ewe lamb this afternoon.  Miss Nadia is a bit of a Eeyore-esqe sheep, always seeming down and depressed.  This is simply her nature, and there is nothing wrong with that.  Really, what do I know?  She may really be the life of the sheep party and the jokester of the flock, but I don’t speak sheep so I will never know.  Anyway, she and her little ewe lamb are doing quite well tonight…


Current stats: thirty lambs from twenty ewes.  One final ewe left to lamb.  Fourteen ewe lambs and sixteen ram lambs.  150% lambing rate.

The view to the West…


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