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Yesterday I unexpectedly received a box from the UK.  It was from my friend Veronica who lives in the Northern part of England.  In it were a number of goodies…

First off, there was a lovely book all about Shetland Sheep.  It’s a lovely book and I would strongly suggest it to folks looking to learn more about the breed.


My friend had gotten it signed by the authors for me and there was even a little cartoon!


She also sent a PERFECT birthday card for me!

img_1617 2

On the inside is says, “Ewe are shear perfection. Happy Birthday!”  So perfect for me!!!

There was also a tea towel from Shetland Wool Week 2018.  I had been unable to get one of these so it was wonderful to get one.  I loved the design with the shepherdess and the super happy sheep on it.  It won’t get used for tea, or any other kitchen messes for that matter!


There were buttons and brooches and soap.  The sheep brooch is felted wool.


And keeping this all safe and cozy in it’s box were two batches of wool both dyed with indigo. The lighter of the two is a mix of Kent Romney and Shetland and the darker is White Faced Woodland.


My birthday isn’t until the end of January, so it was a bit of a surprise to get such a lovely present so soon.  Thank you Veronica!

One thought on “Birthday Surprise

  1. says:

    What a wonderful friend who knows you so well….it is also confirmation of your personality that she cares so much about you….in case I forget, happy birthday to you!

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