Sarah Jane Humke

The life of a traveling, reading, writing, spining and knitting shepherdess.

So I recieved an e-mail today from the very nice international moving lady.  I had e-mailed her asking how much more a 40′ container was compared to a 20′-er, which is what I had been getting quotes on.  The difference? $500. That’s it.  Here I was totally stressing out about which books I would have to leave behind, and it’s only $500 difference between all of my books and me losing more of my hair over this.  The amount of Rogaine it would take, not to mention storage costs, make it well worth the difference in price.  I was sort of starting to stress over (anyone who knows me is going to laugh their asses off at this one) filling a new house.  Ok, so here’s the reason for the stress.  An example from one house (that seems to be fairly representative of the houses in our range and area) that we looked at: 4 double bedrooms, conservatory and study, 3 reception rooms……and on and on.  That is a lot more roomage than we currently have in our lovely cracker cottage.  So, anyone not busy in Feburary to help fill a 40′-er?

So, it appears that I will have to do some serious delayed gratification on the ol’ spinning wheel.  First off, there was a whopsie in the shipping, and the extra bobbins that I ordered were for a single drive wheel not a double drive one.  So, I am awaiting the arrival of the correct bobbins.  I also feel the need to do a little bit of sanding to this bad boy before I begin oiling it.  Just a final go over, you know what I mean? Still, it is one more step. Then, the obvious oiling part will take probably at least a week, more if I actually have to do any work or school work.  So, my fantasy of coming home and sitting down at my new wheel and spinning up some of the fibers that I got while abroad will just have to wait.  Call me Miss Delayed Gratification.

I have been so bad about my snail mail correspondence of late. Well, not counting postcards.  I have always been pretty good in the postcard department (although it is looking as though the Moroccan postal service is not) as I seem to be able to find down time more often when I am traveling than when I am at home.  I blame it on cleaning. I need a housekeeper.  Or two, maybe….

Ok, I am going to go listen to NPR to see if there is some sort of storm of doom out there to sock it to Florida again.  I need to know if I should stock up on the kitty litter and milk bones.

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