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A number of random ass things to discuss today…..

Random bit #1  I am officially the lobster-mama of lobster-mamas today.  I was outside in the Florida August sun from around 10 to 2.  Yeah, I know, dumb.  In my defence, I didn’t think that it would take that damn long! Also, it’s not as though I put a baby in a tanning bed.  I guess that living in Florida sort of skews your view of things, but I didn’t think that people still USED tanning beds!  I mean, why are those things still allowed indoors when all smokers need to go outside pretty much anywhere now!  Anyway, when I was home, in Iowa, I saw women going to use the tanning bed….in August.  Iowa is still a ways behind in some areas I think….  Anyway, I digress, I was outside a tad too long and now my face and a little of one arm is pink.  I blame it on London. I won’t be so quick to make fun of the VERY pink Brits that you see everywhere along the coast of Florida.

Random bit #2 My fear of the medium brown Billy bookcases being discontinued at Ikea.  Well, putting it out there seems to not have helped.  I went to Ikea last night to put my mind at ease, figuring that it was only an weird European thing, not anything to do with Ikea US.  Well, I had a very nice guy there try to look them up in the computer when I couldn’t find them in the catalog.  They weren’t in the computer! At all! I bought 2 and will go get some of the doors to go with them with the next paycheck. There are times that I am glad that I am anal retentive about weird things and this is one of them.

Random bit #3  I saw a lady yesterday driving a rascal (you know, one of those little motorized chair/scooter thingys that it only seems really fat people use) with a little red wagon hooked to the back of it with a big red dog in the wagon.  I almost drove off of the road laughing and REALLY wished that I had a camera phone.

Random bit #4  Wilma, my cat of many years, suddenly decided that she wants to be an inside cat again.  This after probably 8 years of roughing it outdoors.  She just walked in like she’s been doing it all along.  currently, she is hissing at the cat food (I think that it smells like Jiji, of whom she has zero experience) and sleeping. Odd, but nice.  I haven’t liked having an outdoor cat as I know that it is generally not healthy for them.  Tomorrow, she may decide to move back outdoors as she is going to the vet!

Random bit #5  I am scared of the yard.  It is big.

R.B. #6 I am looking forward to “them” taking away my husbands passport for awhile while he is home.  Is that bad?

R.B. #7 I have infected at least 2 other people with the crochet bug.  BTW, tomorrow night is the Altamonte Springs Happy Hooker group.  We meet at Panarea at the corner of 436 and Maitland.  Be warned, we are rowdy and loud and are not a “nice little group”. 

That’s all the randomness that I can handle today! Sooner or later, I will figure out how to post pictures here.  Watch out world!!

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