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The life of a traveling, reading, writing, spining and knitting shepherdess.

Last night the hubby and I had a striking conversation on the way home from dinner at the sushi place.  I was telling him about Rhinebeck (otherwise known as the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival) and how I was sad that I probably wouldn’t get to go to it since I wouldn’t probably be able to fly back from England for it next year.  He asked when it was, and I said that I wasn’t too sure, but I knew that it was in the fall.  Then, my wonderful, saintly, husband beyond all husbands said something to the effect of, “if it hasn’t already happened, why don’t you go.” 


I was driving, and promptly nearly took out another car.

So, checked with the New Jersey living in-laws last night to see if I could stay with them (they said yes).  Now, to just try to use the free ticket that we got from United for the bouncing us from our flights and Rhinebeck, here I come!!!!  I cannot wait!

It could get interesting as the in-laws are trying to sell their house currently, and you know how much of a hassle that can be when you are living there!


In other news, on Monday morning bright and early after getting back from the Lake Tahoe wedding, I went to a Garden Club “coffee”.  Once again I was there to show my appreciation for a rather large scholarship that the ladies had bestowed upon me.  This meeting was in a kinda fancy area, so I actually wore most of a suit (the pants and the shirt, don’t get any ideas, it wasn’t thatkind of a meeting).  It was nice to have my friends Amy and Diane there with me.  Amy can always distract them from the cotton lint on my lap from crocheting during the car ride there with pictures of her absolutely adorable twin boys.  It is a REALLY good diversionary tactic I tell you.  We did our thing, ate a few cucumber sandwiches (surprisingly tasty to tell you the truth) and deviled eggs and went out to lunch together.  I taught Amy a couple of stitches other than the single crochet and started to show Diane how to crochet.  Let’s just say, Diane is already Tunisian crocheting without even trying (she’s a knitter, we won’t hold it against her!:-)).  It was a really fun day and I wish that I could spend more time with both of them.

Today I actually did some work.  Like, for work.  It was an odd feeling….

Belle-Belle is sitting right in front of me licking her tummy like, “I may be rolly-polly, but I can still do this!”.  Yeah, yeah…show-off…  Almost as bad as the little kids that you see in line at the grocery store still wearing their little gymnastics outfits doing their little kiddie porn-like contortions in the aisle.

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