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I am writing this post from Infusion Tea, a cosy tea joint (that just sounds wrong on many levels yet I persist in using it!) where I am waiting for somebody (anybody!) to show up for Yarn Therapy night.  Last week Lily and I were the only ones to come (along with a lovely, though non-yarny Tech Support) though the ladies of ICAN which is a c-section support group were there in force (and took home a lot of violets:-)).  

Today has been an odd one.  I mailed off the CITES permit application for the birds to the UK via very expensive Global Express mail.  There is just something wrong about spending nearly $40 to mail 5 pieces of paper.  Oh well, it had to be done.  However, I did get some good news.  The UK Animal Health folks will allow their applications to be turned in via either e-mail or fax.  I told the man on the other end of my Skype phone call that if he weren’t an ocean away I would have kissed him.  On the mouth.  It was that exciting of news.  

Speaking of exciting news………I booked my flight to Maryland Sheep and Wool.  Alas, I won’t be there right when they open the gates, I couldn’t figure out a way to fly on Friday night that wasn’t going to cost , well, let’s put it this way, I would only be able to go I wouldn’t, however, be able to buy anything nor sleep anywhere or drive to get there.  That expensive.  Oh, and I would have had to leave my own graduation from college.  I am pretty damn sure that that scenario wouldn’t go down too terribly well.  So I am leaving on Sat. morning on the earliest flight that I could find.  Southwest=$129.  Woo hoo! Maryland Sheep and Wool here I come!! (Now I need to work on getting Tyra to come with me…..).

This past weekend we went down to the uber touristy part of town (I-Drive) to go to the Coldwater Creek outlet.  I didn’t find anything there that really called out to me so we went on to the other outlet mall.  There I found sweaters at Eddie Bauer for $8.99 each!!!!!  I got 3 different colors of that one.  They were in a rack of 70% off!  Serious score! I also got a pair of hiking type shoes at The North Face outlet as well as a squall jacket that was half off of their half off.  It was around $60.  The Hubby found a pair of biking shorts for $18 so all in all, it was a good shopping trip.  Everything purchased was needed and for really good prices.  Plus, it felt good just to be out of the house and not packing:-)

Tech support is back in London town for work once again, though this time for only a week.  He will be looking at a few houses while he is there and has lined up help with the bird move (which should be interesting no matter which way you look at it!).  I have been working on getting some non-sedative, calming drugs for the furry animals.  The cats apparently get Valium and the dogs get Xanex.  I am planning on testing it on each of the pets in order to make sure that A.) they don’t have any adverse reactions to them and B.) that they work for the length of time needed.  So, I will be pilling one animal each day and observing their behavior.  Should make for an interesting week when I get those drugs!  I might request some for me before this is all over!!!!!

Before I forget…. Happy Birthday to my friend Sarah Jane (no, I am not crazy, she has the same name as I)!!!  This has been sort of a crazy year for her becoming a new mom and all (MH is her little cutie) and I am sure that next year will be even better.  I hope that both you and MH got a nap today!!!  Happy Birthday Sarah!!!


Sarah Jane and MH

Sarah Jane and MH in Ackley after Christmas this year

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