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Currently I am attempting to choose and pack away all the clothes that I am going to be wearing for the next few months.  And keep it all under 100 pounds.  Oh and pack all the “other stuff” that I would mourn if the container fell off the ship (yes, I do worry about that, it happens, a LOT) such as my childhood blankie and teddy bear and photo albums.  However, I am stymied in my attempts due to two wayward sweaters.

Now, I know myself pretty well at this point, having dealt with myself for about 33.5 years.  I’m reasonably certain that I have put these 2 sweaters somewhere where I wouldn’t be tempted to pack them.  Someplace “safe”.  Can I now find these fraking sweaters?  Of course not.


On the good front, my to-do list took a good hit today.  I was able to cross-off a number of items on it quickly and without much fuss.  I love it when that happens!

3 thoughts on “Outfoxed

  1. tini says:

    yeehaa! and have you looked for the sweaters say in the bathroom?

    1. hortihoney says:

      I have gone through the house room by room, including bathrooms! I’m sure that I must’ve packed them but cannot imagine doing that knowing that I would need them!

      1. tini says:

        Underneath the duvets in the guest room?? underneath the sofa?

        And don’t forget to pack some knitting/crochet for the flight. You should so look into afterthought heels, so you can knit plain boring stockinette tubes on the flight (or you make yourself some nice legwarmers to wear at home in winter….Not that I would wear those but at least you have no heels on them or mittens. I bet it is freaking cold in Iowa in winter)

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