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After having a pretty rough week today I got the nicest surprise in the world.  It was a Christmas/Birthday package from my friend Barbro in Finland with all sorts of lovely goodies in it for me!

There were these awesome wrist warmers (which I put to use as soon as I took the picture of them!).

There was an awesome pair of socks which fit perfectly!

There were yarns!

There were even BUGS!!!!!

There was a beautiful project bag.

And a scarf knit from handspun yarn, with a skein of the same yarn!

There was a tiny mitten keychain so little it barely fits on my thumb!

There was 2 different chocolate bars along with a package of tiny dog themed buttons, a hand painted heart ornament, a ceramic fox button and a little tractor themed pot watcher!

This one is white chocolate and blueberries!

Near the bottom of the box there was an amazing kit from Riihivilla yarns.  This is a Finnish yarn company that specializes in using Finn sheep wool and using only natural dyes to dye it.  I bought a skein of their sock yarn when I was in Helsinki with Malin a couple of years ago and it is lovely, lovely yarn.  (BTW, the instructions are both in English and in Finnish in case you were wondering!)

And the thing that my mom tried to claim for her own (but I didn’t let her) is an amazing shawl.  The pattern is the Red Dragon Shawl by Tuulia Salmela.  You can find more information about it on Barbro’s Ravelry page about it.

I already want to make one.  Mom really wants me to make one!

Thank you Barbro.  It couldn’t have been more perfectly timed!

5 thoughts on “The Surprise

  1. Barbro says:

    Glad you liked the package :))

  2. tini says:

    Mine ist on the way too 🙂 The weird thing inside btw. is my gauge swatch for several pairs of socks. I thought you might like to have the yarns for your blanket

  3. hortihoney says:

    I’m glad that you let me know what it is in advance! I would hate to have put it on the blog as “this interesting bit of knitting from my friend Tini.” 😉 Anyway, I will stalk the mailman as much as I can from here on out!

    1. sarah says:

      Oh boy, your friend really makes my gift look pathetic 🙂 And super late since it only has to get to you from Chicago rather than a different country. I feel really untalented after seeing them too! Ha! You guys do amazing things with “string”!

      1. hortihoney says:

        Oh sweetie, part of that present was wrapped in Christmas paper! Seriously, it was a combined Christmas and Birthday package.

        And she not only can knit “string” but she can SPIN it too!

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